About Us
About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Established in 2014 for the sale and distribution of consumer healthcare and prescription pharmaceuticals products, FP Heathcare is part of Fortune Pharmacal Co. Ltd, which was founded in Hong Kong in 1954.

With its headquarters in Hong Kong, FP Healthcare is always going one step further to excel in every market in which we operate. Located in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR, our passionate, dedicated, and professional team offers quality service to FP Healthcare’s partners. We share your vision, and together we will make your business a thriving success.

With our extensive background in the consumer healthcare and prescription pharmaceutical business, we provide services at every stage of the product lifecycle.

FP Healthcare provides a wide-range of integrated services and solutions for our partners, including product registration support, launch plan development, brand plan execution, product selling and promotion, tender management, and distribution in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Our Brand

We vow to go one step further and excel in every market we operate in. We provide high value and extensive product lines in the most accessible fashion by leveraging knowledge and experience from our long successful history.

Our Values to Customers

We are aspired to be the most trustworthy and reliable alliance to you, our customers. We do everything to understand your needs and to better ourselves. It is also our responsibility to hold in high esteem customer loyalty and business sustainability for ourselves and partners.

Our Values to Products

We are committed to enhancing the efficacy and quality of our products to meet with the ever-changing global regulatory landscape and to investing in diversification and innovation in our product portfolio to meet you, our customers’ dynamic needs.

Our Values to People

We shall continuously care for you, our people, develop you to be the best in the field and facilitate harmony within the organisation. Fortune is dedicated to being one family with a professional working environment.

Our Values to Community

We believe we are more than just a business. We also give our care to our partners and help build you, our community a better

Our Community

Fortune Pharmacal Lai Yung Kwoon Charity Fund

Mr. Lai Yung Kwoon, founder of Fortune Pharmacal, hopes that the idea of “always going one step further” will be adopted throughout the community. The world would be a better place if people would care more for the people around them. Then everyone would be able to lead a healthier and happier life. To that end, Mr. Lai established the Fortune Pharmacal Lai Yung Kwoon Charity Fund. The fund, to which Fortune Pharmacal contributes part of its annual income, is dedicated to bringing love and care to people of all levels in the community.

Among its many charitable ventures, the fund has backed programs supporting teacher-researchers in Mainland China, as well as established an online platform for them to share their teaching and learning experiences. Programs have also included workshops for rural school teachers from Tonghua City, Jilin Province, summer seminars in educational administration and policy for young teachers at Xi’an Jiaotong University, training for Northern Jiangsu Province teacher-researchers, and language training courses for rural primary school teacher-researchers at East China Normal University.

The fund also offers scholarship opportunities at different institutions to encourage young people to study. Since 2011, it has sponsored the “A Step Further to Achieve Higher: Mobile Schooling” program. Led by university students who volunteer as mentors to secondary school students, the program establishes a strong link with the high-school liberal studies curriculum and offers students with financial difficulties the opportunity to experience outdoor learning. It also puts the “invitational approach” to education into practice, while promoting the core values of respect, trust, optimism, intentionality, and care. Most importantly, it instils the “Lion Rock Spirit” of pursuing your dreams and seeking happiness.

In 2016, Fortune Pharmacal established the “CSR Volunteer Group” and extended funding to various charitable organizations. It also encourages its employees to volunteer – further fulfilling its corporate social enterprise responsibilities.

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